This project was for an older amazing lady whom we wanted to “ give something back to”. I’ve known Ann for over 9 years having every year stayed at her farm stay in Chittering. This lady is  committed to being an Animal Carer. Ann has an array of wildlife in her home at any time. So we decided it was time for her to receive something. The mining donga she bought in the 1970’s and nothing had changed with it since that time. The Donga had  been used for overnight stays as people pass through the area.

The idea was to create a little luxury out of a basic shell. We wanted to re-cycle  and re-use where

The kitchen before…
Taking notes and measurements

The kitchen was split

Shelf unit attached to the bookshelf

The converted book shelf

The “fake”  brown wood of the 1970’s style made it dark and pokey. Carpet was in the bedroom and dine/kitchen area and   in the toilet  was lino. So the creativity started! So as you can see in the kitchen, it was pretty basic. The brown fake wood made the place look smaller as did the brown door. The kitchen was also split up with the fridge and microwave in the corner. See pic 1 The door to the right of the pic is the main door into the Donga.

Step 1

  • Pull up the carpet!
  • Paint the walls in Paper white to offer instant brightness
  • Lay new floors(actually not new we put out an advert and a guy was “putting his floors into landfill” because of a flood incident…yay recycled floors

Entrance to the donga. The Kitchen unit was slim to enable space to enter.

The corner was made into a “ wee” corner seat

So, how to re-create a space without spending heaps? Firstly, we needed to have the kitchen in one spot the best place was nearest to the entry door, the plumbing was in place. I found a book case on Gumtree for $25. Shelves and bottom drawers, asked Paul if he could pop in a sink and et voila! Here we have a kitchen unit with cutlery/plate drawers and a sink. We bought reduced price small tiles and bought a sink and tap( both new)

I had previously bought some wall paper overseas and the colours were a wee bit retro so I made panels and stuck it to the wood. Because I didn’t want it looking perfect, I sanded it back to give the older look.

Paul then created an extra space for the microwave/fridge/kettle. We used some old stone bench top we had spare at home.

Stay tuned for the dining area….