The Donga Dunny!

So, the toilet & shower is in-between the bedroom and kitchen. There was lino in the toilet and the toilet was new which was great. The shower was built  in so we didn’t change nothing just the shower curtain. I concreted and “pebbled “ the floor for something different, Paul edged the pebbles with tiling.


  • Painted the walls
  • We managed to buy 2 doors for $20 each! So replaced the brown ones
  • Concreted, tiled and pebbled the toilet floor
  • Painted the shelf
  • Replaced the shower curtain


The bedroom

So, originally  looking out onto the balcony was a challenge, look at the pic to see why..

Old dull window..

We decided this view should be appreciated! Wanting to create an ambience in the bedroom of a “ Zen” peaceful feel, to awaken to birdlife and just to open your eyes and reach out into nature… so what did we do?


  • Replaced the floors
  • Painted and repaired the walls
  • Painted the ceilings
  • Replaced the bed and mattress
  • Ripped out the window and replaced with French Doors
  • Replaced the curtains
  • Put in a corner shelf
  • Added a dresser
  • Added new blind
  • Changed the light fitting
  • Changed the curtains

See what I mean?

The changed look

So the curtains were $20 from the op shop. The texture feels like a rough linen look, bringing the coarseness of the outside tree bark into the space, keeping the neutral French Linen look offers a calming feel, which in a bedroom is what  you want.

Luckily a friend had kept these beautiful French doors in the garage for years and donated them! Better still they were French Linen colour perfect….

The bed frame was $50 and I repainted it,  the mattress we bought new.

The lovely dressing table I found in Fremantle for $90 originally was a pink colour! Toned it down using an off white & French Linen chalk paint. The brown chair was already there I just painted the arms to enhance the colour of the brown

The blind on the window offers the sense of luxury with the pattern, found in Spotlight in the sale items.

In the other corner we bought a small TV & DVD player, knowing some guests like to watch a movie if they are not sitting under the stars!

The biggest cost in the bedroom was the TV & the mattress…