Last but not least… The Donga outside

The undercover area wooden boarded deck needed some strength back in her legs as she was dipping.. Paul soon gave her strength again. We also had a few pieces of a balcony fence donated so we popped them in place to look more “ finished” . The aircon units were brown so yep you guessed it! I painted them white …

Added brightness to the table and chairs from a worn old look  to bright and breezy

The balcony

The best view !
2 comfy bar stools donated by friends to enjoy a glass and a view

Hope you enjoyed. You can re-create spaces without spending lots. As we work our time was given to this project on weekends only. We stayed over and got started early the next day, it was a great excuse to enjoy nature whilst creating with love and of course the most important is “giving something back” to a lady who has “given and still is giving so much for the love of animals”

If you would like help in re-creating a space, whether it be an office a bedroom or a garden area give me a call !

I look forward helping you create YOUR harmonious space.