Enhance your Entrance

Interior Styling | Feng Shui

Is the entrance to you home or business inviting? Does it welcome your guests and invite opportunities?

Productive Workspace

Interior Styling | Feng Shui

Does your workspace feel productive? Are you achieving great results? Does it inspire creativity and success?

Mindful Moving

Interior Styling | Feng Shui

A new home or office often doesn’t feel like “home” until you make your own footprint.
Clear out old energies, and start fresh with your own dreams.

Physical . Emotional . Mental . Environmental

Helping you get the most out of your space through interior styling.

Every space in your home or office should influence your mood as soon as you step inside. Physically you feel comfortable, emotionally you feel welcome, mentally you feel sharp just by bringing all the environmental elements together.

Productive Office

Keeping an organised work space is important for productivity, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Sara can help you setup your space for maximum creativity and productivity whether it’s just a desk or a whole office.

Welcoming Entrance

Whether it’s welcoming you home after a long day at work, or inviting prospective clients into the office. Every entrance should feel inviting and welcoming, while at the same time inviting opportunities.

Zen Space

Do you have that special place where you can just gather your thoughts? Whether it’s a corner of the garden, or simply the lunch room at work, this should be a space that allows you to relax and recharge.

New Home

A new home or office often doesn’t feel like “home” until you make your own footprint.
Clear out old energies of previous tennants, and start fresh with your own dreams and aspirations.

Colour Palette

Sometimes you just need a hand to choose the right colours for your personality and space.

Reclaimed Furniture



Sara can connect you with trusted trades for carpentry, painting .


If you’re looking for some custom design lighting, a unique piece of artwork ……

Sara Revet


As a certified Consultant with the most comprehensive and reputable Feng Shui course in Australia, I am passionate about Feng Shui and use it within my own home and for my business Art en Soul. When clients come to Art en Soul, they immediately feel the positively charged and balanced environment. Would you like to have this feeling at home?

Having a Feng Shui consultation is valuable if you are seeking new relationships, new career possibilities, wanting to re-decorate or invest in renovating or wanting harmony and enrichment into your life.


Last but not least… The Donga outside

Last but not least… The Donga outside

Last but not least… The Donga outside The undercover area wooden boarded deck needed some strength back in her legs...
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The Donga Dunny!

The Donga Dunny!

The Donga Dunny! So, the toilet & shower is in-between the bedroom and kitchen. There was lino in the toilet...
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Donga – Stage 2 …Dining area

Donga – Stage 2 …Dining area

Previous look was the brown walls and faded curtains… Not for long ! this was soon to change to add...
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