Feng Shui your Entrance

Entrances are where opportunities come into your home and lives.


Whether you work from home or an office

Mindful Moving

Moving into new space?

Feng Shui, How it can Help

Feng Shui is used subtly but has a strong influence within your environment. It helps to create harmony in a space which in turn, supports and enhances relationships that are stronger and brings unity on the whole. If the environment is positively charged, success and opportunities come into play. Balance using the Yin and Yang energies help to correct imbalances that have a negative effect on you in your environment.


Having a Feng Shui consult can assist you with productivity, abundance and harmony in relationships. The most important factor is to assess the building and to ensure it supports what you are trying to achieve. Consults are beneficial for the Home or Business whether you’re looking to improve your current space, or need advice when relocating

Creativo Collective Snapshot (1Hr * $385)
“The whole shebang” without the report. I will require all that is needed for Creativo Collective. Allow an hour for the initial consult and pictures, and a return visit of ONE HOUR only have a note pad to take any notes you may need to take.
Instead of the report furniture placement will be placed on the floor plan along with remedies required
Creativo Collective (2Hrs * $659)
“The whole shebang” this is a combo of the 3 schools in Feng Shui. A comprehensive report bringing together furniture placement for an even flow, working with the numbers of the universe to bring the attention any areas that need to be activated and ones that require “Yin”. Encompassing the Compass directions which assist in indicating any remedies that will need to be addressed to ensure a Harmonious space is achieved.
I will require:
+ An A4 floor plan
+ Build year of the home& any extensions that have been made
+ An initial Consult of 1 hr
+ A return consult 1-2 hrs.
Feng Shui your Entrance (30Min * $169)
Entrances are where opportunities come into your home and lives. Which entrance are you using to enter your home? How does your entrance look from a passer by perspective? Can you see your entrance from the street?
If you are interested in allowing more opportunities to enter then this maybe for you! Whether it be a business or your home all is relevant.
I will require:
+ An A4 floor plan, build year of the home
+Initial 30 minute consult followed by an hour return consult
ZEST Desk (30Min * $175)
Whether you work from home or an office, you will no doubt spend a significant amount of time at your work station. As a home business it’s important to have a space that supports your business and in turn your wealth. Your desk size is analysed, which direction is best for you, what you have around you is looked at and most importantly if that space is a good area to work in.
For this consult I require:
+Floor plan
+Compass reading outside of your home is taken
+ Initial 30 minute consult and pictures taken
+ Return visit consult allow 1 hour
ZEN space (30Min * $175)
Create your ZEN space using Feng Shui principles. Creating a “Zen” space within your home or garden is so important for you to calm the mind, whether you choose to read, listen to music or simply just sit and gather your thoughts and re charge.
I can assist finding the best place for you and help you to create your own space. Just with a few subtle changes you can create a relaxed vibe for you to enjoy.
+ A floor plan is always helpful but not essential
+ Your date of birth is required for your best direction
+ Allow a 1.5 hour consult
+ You will need a note pad to take notes
Inc a salt lamp.
Invisible Energies (3Hrs30Min * $348)

This consultation deals with underlying ‘earths stress’. Big building projects and land moving, let alone existing under lying ley lines and geological faults all create disturbances in the earth. These create invisible energies (just like Wi-Fi and radio waves) that can have a detrimental effect on our health and well being when a significant amount of time is spent in that space. There are known to impact our immune system specially. To read more go to www.landandspirit.net.

Mindful Moving (2Hrs30Min * $175)
Moving into new space? Whether it be a rental or your new purchased home or a business venture. Clearing away the previous tenants energies and replacing with YOUR new intentions and your foot print will allow fresh energies making space for new opportunities and abundance into your home and lives.
Sara Revet


As a certified Consultant with the most comprehensive and reputable Feng Shui course in Australia, I am passionate about Feng Shui and use it within my own home and for my business Art en Soul. When clients come to Art en Soul, they immediately feel the positively charged and balanced environment. Would you like to have this feeling at home?

Having a Feng Shui consultation is valuable if you are seeking new relationships, new career possibilities, wanting to re-decorate or invest in renovating or wanting harmony and enrichment into your life.


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